Sarah Baptist

Tattoo Artist



I grew up in...

Clarion, PA


My favorite book is...

Reading now - Ninth Street Women byMary Gabriel


The last show I binge watched was...

I don't binge watch but I do love to watch old movies and especially love musicals.


My favorite gift I ever received was...

My wife.


My favorite meal is...

Pizza or a good grilled Hamburger


The character and essence of city streets, alleys, and urban vignettes capture Sarah’s attention when she looks for subjects to paint. She finds rhythms in the shapes and spaces of the urban landscape. Sarah finds the impact of man and nature co-existing a fascinating subject.
Sarah is an urban landscape oil painter, who enjoys plein air painting. Being on location, responding and reacting to the light, color and atmosphere is a challenge and a joy.
Recently, Sarah has started to use this plein air work, as well as many photos taken while out painting, to create larger urban landscapes and abstractions in her home studio.


At age 13, Sarah fell in love with theater while building sets for a summer theater program. Years later, Sarah chose set design as a career because she loved creating the illusion of another world on the stage. That morphed into painting scenery for theater, opera and specialty events for 20+ years from Maine, Wisconsin, New Hampshire and finally Delaware.
Sarah is a self-taught artist. She has shown her work in many galleries in the area, has won numerous awards at regional plein air events.
Last year Sarah was featured in Plein Air Magazine.

Sarah Baptist


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