Juanita Bellavance

Tattoo Artist



I grew up in...

Marietta, GA


My favorite book is...

The Bible - riveting.


The last show I binge watched was...

Blue Bloods


My favorite gift I ever received was...

My daughter and granddaughter surprised me by coming home on Mother’s Day from MA


My favorite meal is...

Salmon with broccoli and asparagus


Music and painting use the same structures, shapes and rhythms. Organizing a painting is very much like writing a piece of music.

Complex sounds, spaces, textures and tones translate into complex surfaces making a painting very rich. These musical ideas inform all of my work. Sometimes the rhythms are submerged and sometimes they rise to the top.

There is a dialogue that develops between myself and the painting. As the layers of paint accumulate so does the meaning. Connections flow and coalesce into magical and mysterious combinations. These actions renew my spirit in the act of creation.


Born and raised in the Marietta, Georgia area, Juanita Bellavance spent her formative years immersing herself in craft, and music. She attended Georgia State University and received a BA degree in Music Education.

While teaching music, Juanita incorporated her love of art through backdrops for chorus musicals. Art gave her an opportunity to use visual imagery to provide helpful analogies to her students.

In 1994, Juanita’s entrepreneurial spirit led her away from teaching and into the interior decor industry where she was a professional faux finish and muralist around Atlanta. Her work in the Home Depot Expo 2000 Showhouse, which won Best of Show, was featured in Atlanta Magazine.

After the market crashed she began teaching music and art at private Montessori schools.
While teaching art to children, beginning in 2011, Juanita studied art as a subject and became an artist. In 2015, she discovered non-objective expressionism, fell in love with it and became an expressionist painter.

Juanita has presented works at several juried shows around Atlanta and shows in South Carolina. She has won several awards and continues to develop her artistic voice through acrylic abstract expressionism.

Juanita Bellavance


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