Maryanne Buschini

Right now, we may be missing those moments of authentic connection.
Using stories inspired by found images, like discovering a missing family scrapbook,
artwork can connect to moments of strength and relationships.
The paintings tell stories of the heart - sharing with others: family times, hard work, celebration - they serve as a joyful reminder of people in our lives.



My painting is a response to life experience, environment, ancestors -- seen through the themes and ideas in the history of art. Figures are based on people I know or aspire to know. The means is a traditional method of oil painting, expressed through personal storytelling, exploring the beauty of the everyday, the intensity of relationships between people and their surroundings.

Sources begin with images, ideas or photographs I respond to, and further develop with research and sketches. I expand on the visual through color, brushwork and storytelling. A viewer might see their own truth in the resulting picture. The painted image explores relationships, history, labor, celebration and the shifts of experience and time.



I grew up in...

Valhalla NY


My favorite book is...

"M Train" by Patti Smith


The last show I binge watched was...

Durrells in Corfu.


My favorite gift I ever received was...

our sons.


My favorite meal is...

Pasta, grilled whole fish, salad, (and strawberry rhubarb pie (ala mode) for dessert)



Maryanne Buschini is a lifelong artist. Growing up in Valhalla NY, parents were enthusiastic makers - drawing, sewing/embroidery, cooking, leather tooling. After high school, moved around with her husband in the military. Earned a BFA from Kansas State University, masters degree from University of the Arts, continuing art studies at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Art, the Barnes Foundation and other art centers and workshops. She has worked as a graphic designer, earned a Pennsylvanaia teaching certificate for ART, and taught art in K-12 and university art departments.

Her narrative figure paintings have been exhibited in Philadelphia/NY area galleries, awarded prizes in juried shows, presented her work in a solo exhibition in 2019, and continued to exhibit online and in organized shows during 2020.

Maryanne lives with her husband John, they have two adult sons. Her painting studio is located at her home in Malvern PA.

Maryanne Buschini





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