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My works are a collective group of elements mixing a celebration of bright colors, a resonance of life in the subjects rendered, and built upon a genuine foundation of personal joy, borne from my love of my own pets, and working with local animal rescues. My work is influenced by the works of Philip Burke and Greg Manchess (whom I have mentored under).

From a technical standpoint, each of my works begin with gathering reference, visual and informational, to planning the layout with at times intricate patterns of my own design. All in an effort to weave together typography, modern aesthetic design and color usage, with the main subject. I approach each painting this way, whether it's a new addition to my "Conversation Series", or a private commission from any of my patrons.

My paintings are a celebration of life, or a life well lived in memorial. People know and love their animals through old photos, intimate moments, and a lifetime of memories. I strive to capture those fleeting points in time, and put them on canvas.


I am a Louisiana born, graduate of the University of Central Missouri, realist painter of pet portraiture. Although I live and work in the suburbs of Kansas City animals have always been a huge love of mine. I grew up on a farm in rural Louisiana with horses, cows, dogs, cats and chickens. My artwork is where my passions meet, painting, animals and graphic design. I love using the medium to explore and celebrate our relationships with our furry companions that have become family.

Ashley Corbello


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