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I am often asked what is an etching and how is it done? Simply put, an etching is an image etched into a metal plate through a variety of different methods. The plate is inked, with the ink remaining in the etched areas of the plate. Paper is put on top and run through an etching press. The pressure of the press transfers the inked image on the plate to the paper. The image will be the black ink on white paper -- color is eliminated.
The art of etching is in the variety of methods used to etch the image on the plate. My process uses acid to etch into the plate to create the image, using distinct steps over a period of time. The result is a mix of line, texture and tone. It is carefully planned and very mechanical, but also subject to the spontaneity of chemical reactions that I can’t always control or predict.
Anything I see can be the inspiration for an image. I enjoy working on landscapes such as the beach. I often include both people and cars as part of the scene, because they are there in reality and cannot be ignored. When successful, I think my print images are fleeting moments but are solid and unshakeable, as though they have always been there and always will be.



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I am a printmaker and a painter and I have a studio in Chester Springs, PA. I have enjoyed etching for over 30 years, studying for many years at the Abington Art Center and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Through the years, I have continued to find that the more I etch, the more I like doing it.
I have shown my work at local venues such as the Yellow Springs Art Show, the Chester County Studio Tour and the 25 Days of Minis show. I was involved for many years with the Artists’ House in Philadelphia. I am currently a member of The Print Center in Philadelphia, the Society of American Graphic Artists and the Boston Printmakers. My work is included in many public and private collections.

Kevin Cummins





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