Inna Dzhanibekova



My work is a joyful reflection of the forms and colors around us. I want to capture the fleeting exuberance of flowers, beauty of ornate textiles in a composition, decadent urban decay, and people being in their environment. There are no restraints, only a happy mess of colorful patterns surrounding interesting objects, a person, or an occasional critter.



I grew up in...

Moscow, Russia.


My favorite book is...

I can't choose a favorite. But the big impact on me recently had The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben.


The last show I binge watched was...

The Expance.


My favorite gift I ever received was...

A painting commissioned for me by my parents.


My favorite meal is...

Lamb pilaff.



I am an enthusiastic mix of biologist and artist. While building the career in pharmaceutical industry, I pursued my creative interests as well. That included studying printmaking, 2D design, photography and ceramics at Raritan Valley Community College, and Jewelry Design at DuCret School of Art.
Growing up in an artistic family, I had strong support for creativity. I watched my grandmother sewing gorgeous ballroom gowns for me, and then helped Mom to embroider them with seed beads and sequins. I loved to sit quietly at my father’s studio as he drew and painted in his spare time.
Exploring the woods and my parent’s garden in my early years, I developed a keen appreciation for the incredible diversity of nature, which became my inspiration. Later, when I worked on my degree in Biology, my sister had studied tapestry design, introducing me to her inspiring environment. As a research scientist, I feel that my professional experience and my art are closely intertwined.
Many of my design ideas come from way back and are rooted in studies I had done even as a student. I think about my work as a joyful reflection of the forms and colors found in the world around us. At the end it all came together and prompted the search for creative outlets throughout my life and career in science.

Inna Dzhanibekova





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