Joanne Mark

Around the world wild animals and their habitats are facing challenges. My wildlife paintings call attention to some of our most beloved and at-risk creatures by highlighting their captivating beauty in their natural environments. My paintings serve as a reminder of how delicate the balance of nature can be.



Endangered and threatened animal species from around the world are facing survival challenges with loss of natural habitats. My “Pole to Pole” wildlife paintings depict the exquisite beauty and strength of a few of these magnificent creatures from the north to the south poles. My intention is to raise awareness to the importance of conservation efforts for these awesome animals by creating thoughtfully rendered oil paintings of polar bears, giant pandas, koala bears, and penguins using a soft palette of colors, including subtle shades of white, and both brushwork and palette knifing techniques.



I grew up in...

Westtown, PA


My favorite book is...

Angela's Ashes which was an eye-opening book for me. I'm part Irish so it made it personal and had a big impact on me.


The last show I binge watched was...

Planet Earth and Nat Geo nature shows!


My favorite gift I ever received was...

anything my kids made with their hands! I have saved them all!


My favorite meal is...

pretty much any Asian cuisine is my favorite: chinese dumplings, pad thai and Japanese eel rolls, to name a few!



Joanne Mark is an oil painter who grew up in Westtown, PA and currently lives near Valley Forge National Park in Chester County, PA. She earned her B.S. in Biology from Millersville University. It was a natural transition from studying the science of life to painting it. Joanne has studied at Chester Springs Studio, Chester County Art Association, Wayne Art Center and Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts. She presently exhibits her paintings at regional galleries and art shows where she has been the recipient of several awards. Her painting subjects range from figures and landscapes to floras and faunas. She draws inspiration from nature to capture the beauty in the world around her. Her passion for the plight of endangered species from around the world including polar animals has inspired her most recent collection of paintings.

Joanne Mark





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