Gretchen McGinnis

Tattoo Artist



I grew up in...

In the Borough of West Chester, PA


My favorite book is...

Jane Eyre


The last show I binge watched was...

Outer Banks with my teenage daughters...But, I couldn't stop watching


My favorite gift I ever received was...



My favorite meal is...

Nachos, anything Mexican!


I have been an artist as long as I can remember, I love to see. I love the beauty in just about anything around me, the graceful line of an outstretched arm, the different greens of a summer landscape, the composition of water and stems inside a glass on the table, I see it and connect with it. I often paint "alla-prima", meaning all at once. It is a direct and instinctive way to paint, enabling me to remain connected with my subject; reacting with my own feelings and remaining in a very high level of concentration, which for me is exhilarating, freeing and meditative at once. I am never happier or more content than when I am painting.


I am a 1989 graduate of Tyler School of Art with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts/M. Art Ed. and am currently a middle school art teacher at a local district.
I have studied with many master painters in the Philadelphia area since then, and delight in continuing to take classes and connect with other painters in our area including: Wayne Art Center, Historic Yellow Springs, and Fleisher Art Memorial.
I have shown my work in multiple shows and local events including The Devon Horse Show and The Chester County Studio Tour in 2017, where my studio was open to the public.
I maintain a studio on my property in Phoenixville where I live with my husband and three daughters.

Gretchen McGinnis


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