Sarah McKnight



During quarantine, I was feeling nostalgic and homesick for my rural Pennsylvania roots. I was reminiscing about the Sunday drives to my grandparents’ dairy farm, playing with my cousins and the farm animals. A place can bring up so many memories of wonderful times and a feeling of comfort. There are so many great places in my new community; places that combine the beauty of the rural landscape and the energy of a vibrant community. It is my goal to present a collection that creates a feeling of warmth, community and nostalgia that will bring you comfort and fond memories.



I grew up in...

Blooming Valley, Pennsylvania


My favorite book is...

Cat’s Pajamas


The last show I binge watched was...

The Queen's Gambit


My favorite gift I ever received was...



My favorite meal is...

Grandma’s Thanksgiving dinner



I grew up in a small town in northwestern Pennsylvania, enjoying sketching and painting. In high school, my art teacher encouraged me to pursue art and my senior classmates even voted me “the next Van Gogh!” I went to college at Penn State University to pursue marketing and advertising hoping to use my creativity, but elude the “starving artist” lifestyle.
As life, marriage, and children created new paths to follow, I moved back to my hometown to become a marketing teacher; employing my creativity to develop teaching strategies to engage high school students. After years away from art, having 3 children and moving multiple times, my family and I settled in Atlanta, GA. My children were more independent and I found time to pursue the art I had always loved.
I started studying in watercolor and acrylics then moved on to oil, where I found a depth and richness that I loved. Finding classical training at the Didomizio Art Center, my passion and skill in painting began to flourish. I’m always working to hone my artistic vision, exploring new styles and color palettes.

Sarah McKnight





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