Lee Muslin

My abstract paintings will uplift your mind, soul and surroundings with a visual expression of the joy of music and dance.



When was the last time you went dancing, full out, uninhibited dancing? Do you remember how good it felt? Let my abstract paintings take you dancing in your mind to decompress. Let smiles replace stress as you delve into the loops, spins and movement embedded in my work. Bring joy to others with the memorable gift of a visual dance.

An introvert by nature, it’s in my paintings where I explode. As contradictory as it may seem, I am an avid swing dancer and that energy gets transferred to the canvas. Listening to music while I work, the rhythms and sounds mix with the paint. This free flowing improvisation captures the unconscious to bring forth an emotional response. The process is an ebb and flow, painting spontaneously, then stepping back to evaluate the formal concerns of color, shape, balance and composition to influence my next move. Experimenting with different techniques and materials adds dimension to this visual dance, resulting in many layers of paint over line and texture leaving intriguing traces of what came before. Come join me on this exhilarating journey.



I grew up in...

Lansford, PA in Carbon County


My favorite book is...

Ninth Street Women


The last show I binge watched was...



My favorite gift I ever received was...

A birthday dinner at the Rainbow Room


My favorite meal is...




Over the last 25 years, Lee Muslin has participated in over 300 exhibitions throughout the United States, as well as several other countries, including 21 solo shows. Three of her solo exhibitions were in Philadelphia and 5 were in New York City. Many New York and Philadelphia gallerists and museum curators have selected her art for numerous juried shows. Her work has been published in Ink Pot, a literary journal, Artistry Magazine, Creative Insights and Manhattan Arts International in addition to 24 other publications. Lee’s art has been on the cover of two Philadelphia Stories magazines and a book of poems.
Ms. Muslin has been privileged to receive 35 awards including Best of Show from the North Penn Arts Alliance, First Prize from Artists’ Equity, First Prize in Watermedia at the Meadowood Juried Exhibition and purchase awards at the Independent School of Rock and the Ninth Annual Kennedy Plaza Fine Arts Show. She attended the University of Delaware as a fine art major and subsequently received a degree from Parsons School of Design in New York City.

Lee Muslin





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