Sarah Pollock

I like to celebrate the beauty of the everyday.



I see the world with the volume turned up.
My art is a visual diary of the places and people I observe, inspired by travels near and far. From the spectacular natural beauty surrounding my home in eastern Tennessee to the distinctive lights and personalities of cities, there’s nothing that I love more than using vibrant color to capture these venues and make them my own.
I do much of my work in my studio, although I also paint outdoors in the beautiful Tennessee landscape to sharpen my observation skills. I’m attracted to landscapes with dramatic angles, impressive skies, and natural bodies of water. In my cityscapes, I like to bring beauty and emphasis to aspects of urban environments that many of us would normally look past as we rush through our daily routines. These paintings capture a range of subjects, from dynamic, down-the-street views to intimate portraits of anonymous individuals.



I grew up in...

Southern Wisconsin


My favorite book is...

The Sixth Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert


The last show I binge watched was...

I binge listened to the NPR Podcast "Throughline"


My favorite gift I ever received was...

A bicycle


My favorite meal is...

Cheetos. Yes, they can be a whole meal.



Landscapes and cityscapes are the favorite subjects of Sarah Pollock, a former color stylist for Walt Disney Feature Animation who now works as a professional artist in eastern Tennessee. Sarah began her career in the medium of pastel and now paints in oils, often working outdoors, directly on location, to capture the many beautiful landscapes around her home. She also finds inspiration in urban environments, drawing on their energy, architecture and humanity to capture the beauty of everyday moments she encounters while traveling throughout the United States
and Europe.
Sarah’s paintings are part of private collections throughout the country. Her artwork is represented by the Grovewood Village Art Gallery in Asheville, North Carolina and she exhibits her paintings in juried outdoor fine art shows throughout the East Coast. She is currently working on a series of plein air landscapes from the Great Smoky Mountains as part of a Bailey Opportunity Grant awarded by the Knoxville Arts and Culture Alliance. Sarah is a member of Tennessee Craft and the Knoxville Arts and Culture Alliance.

Sarah Pollock





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