Rachel Romano

My symbolic paintings connect to the heart with the richness of visual storytelling, as a narrative for creating your best life.



I am a symbolic figure painter. I find inspiration in personal myth, and the stories of others. The laughter, love, and sorrow of our lives fills my creative well. It is this connecting to one's heart that brings the richness of story out in my paintings.

Many of the works are focused around the feminine, and our roles and choices in society. As an artist it is important for me to connect to my deeper self, and question the WHY, the WHAT, and the HOW one sees, and feels. I have a need to explore how we find strength, and change through adversity.

My paintings and drawings are expressed in a more traditional style, but their imagery and meanings are contemporary. You must look deep into them, and yourself to decode them.

I believe that in some way we carry experiences of millennia through our DNA; and that I have been given the gift to express those experiences. Ultimately, I hope when people view my paintings, they are taken somewhere else.



I grew up in...

Fairfield County, Connecticut. But my heart belongs to the wilds of the woods.


My favorite book is...

The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and CLay. Remarkable story of the beginnings of comic book art.


The last show I binge watched was...

Spanish mystery melodrama HIGH SEAS. Perfect escapism...


My favorite gift I ever received was...

My son.


My favorite meal is...

Pistachio Ice Cream! YUM!



Rachel Romano's connection to art begin at age 6 with regular sojourns with her father to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. These museum visits, and her father being a poet, planted the seeds of storytelling in her art.

Rachel had thought she would be a visual storyteller for children. A number of years ago she began taking workshops with Tim Hawkesworth to connect with her personal vision. Rachel discovered she wasn't a storyteller for children, but a storyteller for adults. She put fear aside, not a fear of painting, but a fear of discovering who she was. Rachel let go of what she should or shouldn't do as an artist.

Rachel works full-time in her studio outside of Philadelphia. She paints mostly large canvases and drawings, and creates smaller monotypes. Paintings usually take 2-3 months to complete. Rachel works on several paintings at a time, to give breathing room, and not to become too precious. Many times she will paint out or radically change an image if it is not working; even cut a part a painting. It is important to be fearless.

Rachel has been awarded several residencies in Italy and France. Her work is collected in the United States, and Internationally. She is currently represented by Beddington Fine Art in Bargemon France.

Rachel Romano





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