Robin Sesan



I grew up in...

New York City


My favorite book is...

My 3 favorites are "The Secret Life of Bees", "The Nightingale" and "Where the Crawdads Sing".


The last show I binge watched was...



My favorite gift I ever received was...

The best gift I ever received was a gift certificate for a Clay Printing Workshop by Mitch Lyons, who became my teacher and mentor. For many years I had been experimenting with different types of art and art mediums. I loved all the freedom and possibility with clay printing and now, 7 years later I have a Studio, show and sell my work and continue to grow as an artist.


My favorite meal is...

It's so difficult to pick just one. There's chicken parmesan, brisket with noodle kugel and vegetarian peanut soup served with naan.


Robin Sesan





"Discovering Beauty Beneath the Layers"
There are times in our lives when we lose the ability to see the beauty within. As a clinical psychologist, I help people gently peel away the layers that prevent their beauty from shining through. Similarly, my art with layers of color, pattern, texture and depth tells a story of what is underneath. When you look at my work you might be drawn in by the surface colors or design but when you look more closely, layers emerge revealing surprises and hidden gems. Let my art be a gentle reminder of your inner beauty.

Clay monoprinting has a unique style which integrates texture, color, depth and design in many layers. In my work I add layer upon layer of colored clay onto a flat slab of clay incorporating a variety of techniques. Once I have a design and composition that moves me emotionally, I pull a print and peel away a layer and the layer underneath shines through. To my delight, there is always something new and unexpected that is revealed. If you look closely at my work, whether a clay monoprint or a mixed media piece, you will see the top layer and slowly other layers emerge – revealing beauty and complexity. There is also a playfulness to my art– a spontaneity and trust in the process.

I love the freedom I have when working with a variety of materials, designing abstract works with subtle color variations, reflective moods and a bit of whimsy.


My first art class was at the age of three, and I have been creating some form of art ever since then. Growing up in New York City afforded me the opportunity to study at the Art Student’s League and receive classical training in figure drawing, painting (water color and oil), composition and color theory. A long hiatus from fine art (but staying creative with jewelry making, quilting, knitting and upcycling furniture) . . . I developed a career as a Psychologist and Couple’s Therapist and raised and launched two children. In 2012, I began studying the art of clay printing with Mitch Lyons. I opened Studio 12 at Heron Crest Studios in Aston, PA in 2015. Since then I have shown my work at The Googleworks, Reading , PA, Delaware County Studio Tours, Art Along the Creek at Heron Crest Studios, Bellefonte Arts and Talleyville Frame Shoppe and Gallery in Wilmington DE and recently won an Honorable Mention Award for my work at Beauty Arts Gallery in Newtown Square, PA. My recent work stays true to my layered aesthetic and has expanded into acrylics and mixed media.




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