Vidya Shyamsundar

Often times we desire moments of solace in our everyday lives. My imaginary landscapes offer a momentary retreat in a magical realm of mystery, revealing a path to connect with our inner selves.



When painting a landscape, I allow myself to wander into an imaginary universe where elements of abstraction and realism intertwine. In a paradise of color splashes and peculiar shapes, I become a fearless child with no boundary to my curiosity. Visualizing and painting this world give me the comfort of connecting my inner self with the spirits of loved ones, now passed, who cared for me in my youth. This temporary refuge helps me find solace and nourishes my soul; a way to reconnect with my past in the present through a magical realm of mystery.



I grew up in...

I grew up in a quaint town of Palakkad in the State of Kerala, India. Kerala, the southwestern coastal state is situated between the Arabian Sea to the West and the Western Ghats to the east. Today, it is one of the top tourist destinations. Kerala is known for its luscious greenery and back waters, wildlife beauty, spice plantations & exquisite seafood. It is also famous for its century old system of medicine Ayurveda, which is based on the idea of balance in bodily systems and uses diet, herbal treatment, and yogic breathing.


My favorite book is...

A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini & Elizabeth Gilbert's ( Audio Version) Big Magic


The last show I binge watched was...

Ozark & Made in Heaven


My favorite gift I ever received was...

My Family & My Creativity


My favorite meal is...

Top Favorite: my mom's crispy South Indian Savory Pancake 'Dosa' with spicy lentil soup 'Sambar' Anytime Favorite: French Toast soaked in maple syrup topped with granola, warmed peaches & apples with a dollop of vanilla bean ice cream & toasted almonds



Vidya Shyamsundar is a self-taught artist, muralist, and educator whose work focuses on mandala art, a meditative geometric art form and landscape art that features elements of abstraction and realism. She was born and raised in Southern India, and now calls the United States her second home. Her debut into the art world was truly a happy accident. She took an art class for a change from her daily routine and art became her passion over the last few years. Vidya shows her work in open studio tours, group art shows, gallery exhibitions, and at her own home studio. Her mural works can be found in yoga studios and public community arts. She also offers teaching workshops at her art studio, local art centers, and on-site private events. Vidya holds a degree in Economics & Finance, previously worked in business industry and later chose to be a stay at home mom. She lives in Downingtown PA with her husband, her two daughters of ages 15 & 10, and enjoys organizing and decorating spaces outside of art making.

Vidya Shyamsundar





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