Angeli Coover

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I paint bold impressionistic florals.  I use pastel and paint to express the empowerment color can create in our lives. 

My process begins with a feeling, mood, or conversation with someone that may inspire a painting.  I have a collection of photos from travels, flowers that have been sent to me, and I always have fresh flowers in my home for inspiration.  Since I’m the boss I buy a lot of flowers!

I start my paintings by drawing a quick sketch, blocking in color, and using alcohol or water to move the pastel around sanded paper.  Once it is dry, I begin layering flower shapes with lots of bold colors, and let the painting guide me.  The painting goes through stages sometimes good and sometimes frustrating.  It is always a joy to see the finished piece and know that this painting has a story and purpose.

I currently live-in Hulett, WY near our nation’s 1st National Monument, Devils Tower.  I have a new studio assistant named Gracie; she loves being part of my daily activities and usually has a paint brush or a little paint on herself.      

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