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Betty Fernandez

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If not today, then When?

If you see a broken seashell, and feel sad for it; if being in a forest, surrounded by tall, majestic trees makes you feel like you're in a place of worship; if you see something old, and it makes you wonder about its past life and the people who owned it, then, you understand my art.

As an artist, I feel an urgency to capture the essence and energy of my subjects before they change. It is on my canvas where I can make  flowers live forever and summers to never end.

I'm an avid outdoor painter, only coming into the studio when the New Jersey winter gets too cold. Then, I work on my still lifes, which I love as well.

Besides painting, I love to run, to take my German Shepard dog for walks, and tend to my garden.  But most important is spending time with my family, being of help to them in any way I can.

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