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I am inspired to explore aspects of our surroundings that are often seen but not truly savored, & express it in way that is less about specific locations or objects & more about evoking an emotional response. Foremost, my intention is to convey mood, atmosphere & a sense of solitude as the driving characteristics throughout my work.

My Inspirations
Born and raised in Philadelphia, my early artwork was influenced by the city surroundings & my love of music ~ I thrived on drawing & painting everything & anything, from people to architecture.  Then a move from city life to my current home/studio high on a hill with vast views of the countryside, broadened my scope to include newfound beauty that surrounds us every day but is often taken for granted.  Although I'm still a city girl at heart, a less hectic environment has graced me with a more serene view of the world, & in turn has influenced my art, infusing it with a sense of calm so needed in today's society. 

Finding Inner Beauty
For me, Art is a means to explore & experience a subject on a deeper level, by looking beyond its superficial aspects & savoring the inner beauty. When I create, the outside world fades away & the subject of my work becomes my muse & a relationship between artist & subject is formed. Although creating art can be a very solitary journey, sharing that experience & connecting with others through a piece of art is my ultimate reward.  

For The Love Of Art
Over my many years as an artist, I’ve created art from a place of loving what I do, learning & growing along the way. So my main focus has always been on enjoying the magical process of creating & I find the "business" of art to be far less inspiring. But despite my adversion to marketing & selling, I’ve been so fortunate to organically attract collectors who connect with my art, of which many have become lifelong friends. I find there’s no better experience than gaining new relationships as a result of doing what you love ~ any financial gain is just an added perk.

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