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Cynthia Oswald

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As an artist, I believe your work is a compilation of your life experience. For me, it truly has to do with focusing on and creating more of life's simple pleasures through my work. I have always had a deep appreciation for how my direct environment can enhance the way I feel. It has led me to explore a blend of fine art and surface design. Creating artwork gives me the space to meditate and adventure in my direct environment. I love to experience the feeling of discovery and that is something that happens within my creative process. Much of my work is inspired by my early childhood and my appreciation for the many layers of beauty within nature. In addition to creating artwork, I run a boutique branding agency just outside of Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. When I’m not working you can find me chasing my toddler or dogs around our home, reading, daydreaming about Italy, or adventuring in our local landscape.

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