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Elizabeth Nook

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I am a life-long 'maker', working professionally as an architect, and dreaming of becoming an artist.  I have been a creative within the natural world in the forms of fine arts, design, and architecture for as long as I can remember.  Taking inspiration from nature and my own sense of adventure, I am passionate about ecological conservation, design and construction, finding the beauty in difficult circumstances, and celebrating the light that inevitably shines after the storm passes.  I am also a wife, mom to two little ones,  a USCG boat captain, and bit of a wild card.

In working with the encaustic medium, I am able to create paintings that suggest depth, dimension, and luminosity. The wax is malleable and somewhat unpredictable in the way it lays down on my board, is reheated, scraped back, and then built upon.... revealing layers that you didn't see at first glance.

The architect in me loves 'building' the painting, creating a three dimensional piece that tells a story. The artist in me loves the freedom that working with this medium provides. It forces me to let go of control and be open to possibility.

To go on an adventure with each painting.

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