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Juanita Bellavance

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Through my art, I find peace, solace and joy. It gives me a reason to move my body, keep my mind alert and bring to life possibilities through creativity.  Discoveries about myself come to light such as how much happier I am when actually painting and that making art literally takes me out of the doldrums when I’ve spent too much time alone.  In a world where communication is less and less existent such as “ghosting” when we text someone, art offers an immediate response, especially when seen in person. It’s nonverbal communication that happens without intent. As an artist I spend a lot of time alone so hearing comments about my art or visibly seeing people stand and look at it for long periods of time is a moving experience for me. Some of my art is mesmerizing and entrancing. I’ve only recently made this discovery while presenting it at shows and exhibits locally. It’s a reciprocal reward. 

My minis this year are a reflection of my continued love for the sounds and scenery around rivers.  Most recently I’ve spent a rainy day tubing on the Toccoa River in Blue Ridge, GA.  It was so freeing to be in the rain and ok with being rained on for over an hour.  Since I was already wet from the river, the rain just added an extra layer of delight. As I created the minis I noticed the surrounding organic terrain from that river showed up in various degrees.

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