Juanita Bellavance

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Striving to paint emotion, through my art, my hope is for you to experience the awe, the wonder, the experience we feel in nature, in music, in special life moments.  The feeling that gives us pause.

While creating the art, there is a dialogue that develops between myself and the painting.  As the layers of paint accumulate so does the meaning.  Connections flow and coalesce into magical and mysterious combinations.  These actions renew my spirit in the act of creation and cause the experience you may gain.

My inspiration:  The feeling that comes from those life moments where everything seems to flow when together with family or friends.  Moments of satisfaction when working with a group of people who bond through a shared experience.  The stillness and the quiet experienced when seeing a breathtaking landscape view that fills us with wonder.  Warm fuzzy snuggles.  And most recently, time in nature at a nearby river which has offered many moments of quiet repose this year.   Transporting you to that experience in spirit.

My fictive landscapes will be delivered to you in groups of five.  All are various takes on landscapes, however.   To see other small art, beyond the daily delivery, from which to choose, please visit my website. 

Artist's Complete Works:
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