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Michael Ressler

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A brief moment of light and color can unveil the beauty of our common, overlooked outdoor surroundings. These scenes challenge and inspire me to create impressionistic paintings where I strive to create a visual escape, capturing the subtleties of colors on an overcast day or the dramatic sunlight on a peaceful vista. Through my paintings, I provide my collectors a renewed memory of enjoying our great outdoors.

About My Paintings:

When painting, it is not the subject that excites me, but rather the bold, transient lighting that defines the shapes, contrast of values, color intensities, and abstract design of the scene. I typically paint in my home studio working from my sketches and digital photos of local parks or countryside. On nice days I prefer working in Plein Air where I get to enjoy the weather and feel the immediacy and rush to complete the painting on site. 

I paint in a loose and expressive painting style using both brush and painting knife working with a limited palette of only 6 colors, often finishing the painting in five or less short painting sessions. When painting I start with a charcoal outline of basic design followed by a monochromatic underpainting. Once dry, I then block in the basic colors focusing on the values and color intensities for the desired effect. I then complete the painting with multiple iterations of refinement in detail and color.

Artist's Complete Works:
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