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Nimrat Sandhu

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Bright, bold and beautiful are the colors with which I tell my stories. I "feel" the colors and I try to create art where others feel my art as well. I paint in multiple layers that develop the subject over many days.I paint with soft pastels, pastel pencils and my subjects are from nature. I try to capture the story that is being revealed to me and marry it with my own stories to create my art. I naturally gravitated towards a warmer pallet and my work is usually dominated with a lot of warm colors.

Art is a significant part of my life. I have been painting for over a decade now and art has saved my soul from despair many a times. Be it getting diagnosed with an autoimmune disease or my battle with depression and anxiety, art has rescued me several times. This has formed a deep relation between what I create and what I feel. I aspire to inspire my viewer to experience the moment before it is lost. My work similarly captures the moment right before it changes.

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