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Rinal Parikh

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Born and raised in India, my work has been highly influenced by Indian folk art. I learned to appreciate folk arts through my travels around the country. I was intrigued by how each folk style had its own vocabulary, color palette, mediums, and motifs. Even though I admire every style of Indian folk art, Madhubani, Kalamkari, and Warli have captured my attention. Madhubani style: preliminary imagery, most dynamic color palette, and no negative space. Kalamkari style: one of the most decorative forms of art and influences Indian textiles. Whereas, Warli style is an ancient story-telling mural art. It uses the most basic vocabulary: circles, triangles, and a limited color palette of two colors white, black, and/or brown. The vibrancy of the painting is shown through the stories it portrays. Over the period of time, I have adapted the essence of each style and woven it into creating my signature style. However, whichever style I am in the mood to portray, I aim to preserve the subject's beauty.

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