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Sandy Askey Adams

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My inspiration

Stepping into Serenity through my paintings. You are invited to come along with me on my walks with nature. For me it is about capturing those moments of  serenity and beauty in nature.  My forever challenge is to offer the impression of what stirred my soul so that it will reach out and stir the viewers soul. The intent is to sooth and comfort the viewer.   There is no doubt as to where I receive my inspiration. As a child, I grew up in the country and loved walking through the woods and in the mountains surrounding my home.   It was the beginning of a deep appreciation for nature and the landscape.   I relish moments spent taking walks through nature.  I invite viewers to come along on those forays through the serene greens of summer, the sweet blossoms of spring, the golds and rusts of autumn and even the blue and purplish grays of winter.  All of that has a powerful effect and influence upon what I paint awakening a passion from within my soul.

My Journey Through Life

Yesterday, today and always while on my journey through life, with a whispered prayer of gratitude to God, I aspire to capture that spirit, serenity, the moods, tranquility and beauty of nature in hope that your spirit will experience an uplifting if even for a few moments in time.  Each day I strive to learn and understand more so as to bring a better reverence for the beauty of nature that sourrounds us all.  Join me on that journey~~ that walk into the serenity of nature.

The Spirit of Art

Besides enjoying the creativeness of drawing and painting, taking piano lessons was a part of my life growing up.  There has always been a connection between music and fine art for me.  I enjoy composing my own music in much the same way when composing my art.  One muse leading into the other. The soul reaches out and goes beyond.

My Art Mediums of choice

While an art major in highschool, I was introduced to many art mediums.  Soft Pastels and Oils still remain my favorite mediums.  Over the years I have worked in watercolors and acrylics as well. 

 A side note

I hold Signature Membership in the Pastel Society of America and also the Maryland Pastel Society. In 2021, it was an honor to have had one of my paintings juried into the 124th Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club and exhibited in the Salmagundi Art Club in New York.  My work was also juried into 6 national art competitions  this year, as well as being honored with a Bronze Medal in the National Redwood Forest competition. 2022 - 2023, My work has received several awards, plus being accepted into several national and an international juried art showl  You will find my work featured in several art magazines, including "Pastel Journal," as well as several art book publications, such as "100 Artists of the Mid-Atlantic,"  "Artists Homes and Studios," "Best of America-Pastel Artists," and Best of Worldwide Landscape Artists."

Thank you for your appreciation of my art.  

Wishing you the very best of times,

Artfully yours,


Artist's Complete Works:
Let the Water Fall

Let the Water Fall

Field at Sunrise

Field at Sunrise

Autumn Path by the Water

Autumn Path by the Water







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