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25 Days of Minis...It's more than Just an Online Art Show.

25 Days of Minis is now a part of Have Your Best Show, an online artist community focused on mastering our art businesses so we can create more, connect more, and impact more people's lives with our art.

What is 25 Days of Minis?

25 Days of Minis is an Online Art Exhibition each December 1-25, featuring mini artworks from a well curated group of professional artists.  The goal of 25 Days of Minis is to create a dynamic and fun way to shop and collect art during the holiday season.

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When We Work Together, We Grow Together. 

25 Days of Minis began as a way for artists to sell smaller works during the holidays to their collectors.  By sharing the work of the other artists in the process, collectors meet new artists, and artists gain new collectors.  


The motto has always been - "When We Work Together, We Grow Together".

Let's Build Art Businesses with Purpose, Together...All Year.

Year after year, artists who participate in 25 Days of Minis share that the community and business support leading up the show helped them grow their art businesses not just during the show, but throughout the entire year. That's when we realized that it was time to reimagine how we could best help artists...not just at the holidays, but throughout the year.

Born out of the work together, grow together philosophy, the Have Your Best Show artist community is now available to any artist who wants to build their business with purpose...not just during the 25 Days of Minis...but throughout the whole year. 

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Meet Other Artists

Focus on the Areas of Your Business that Need Attention

Plan Your Success

Have Your Best Show Membership

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Your Membership Includes

  • Live Workshops Designed to Help Build Your Business 

  • Monthly Focus on Topics Relevant to Studio Practice, Creativity and Business Strategy

  • Guest Speakers

  • Support from a Community of Like Minded Artists 

  • Quarterly Planning Sessions for Goal Setting and Achieving

  • 24/7 Access to a Knowlege Base full of Business Building Workshops and Challenges 

  • Virtual Studio Hours and Crits

25 Days of Minis Online Exhibition
Available to Members Only.  Application required. 
***Additional cost of $250 to Participate.  

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"It was fun getting to know everyone's work and share in the excitement of selling. I discovered so much over this month, I have not yet processed it all.“

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"Creating these pieces has lead me to a whole new product for the shows this year. I am pumped up about developing this product line and feel that it will pay off big time at shows during the year.  “

25 Days of Minis
Artist Application

25 Days of Minis is an online show offered to artists that are members of the Have Your Best Show community.   


You do not need to be a member of Have Your Best Show to apply.  Learn more about our community here.

Are you a member of the Have Your Best Show community? (You do not need to be a member of HYBS to Apply)


Submit three images of recent work (last 2 years) that represent what you will be showing during 25 Days of Minis.  The images that you submit below will be used in our marketing to promote you and the event itself. 

Show us a clear and consistent body of work. 

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We will be reviewing applications on an ongoing basis.  We may reach out to schedule a phone or video interview.  Notifications will go out on June 7, 2020.  

No money is due today.


The fee for participating in 25 Days of Minis is $250 - a $50 deposit is due by June 30, balance due mid November.  All 25 Days of Minis artists must also be a member of the Have Your Best Show artist community.  

By submitting this application, you are agreeing to allow us to use your images and information in our marketing and promotional efforts for the 2020 25 Days of Minis. 


Read more below in the FAQ. 

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What is 25 Days of Minis?

The 25 Days of Minis is an online exhibition designed to give artists a place to post one mini each day in December leading up to Christmas. Each artist shares the website with their collectors, introducing them to your minis and in turn the other artists participating in the program. The collective sharing helps artists reach new collectors, and helps collectors learn about new artists. 25 Days of Minis is now a program offered through the Have Your Best Show artist community. Participation in the 25 Days of Minis will be limited to artists that are members in good standing of the Have Your Best Show online community. Join Here All accepted artists will be given access to everything they need to prepare, market and sell during the 25 Days of Minis.

How do people buy the artwork?

Each individual artist is responsible for their own sales and shipping. The 25 Days website will promote your work daily and each image will link to your point of sale page. Artists keep 100% of their sales.

How many artists are invited to participate?

Last year we had 41 artists participate. We don't know how many will be accepted this year, but we do know that our focus is on the quality of art, not quantity. The interview process will begin with the application and review of work. In some cases, we may be interviewing via video or phone for artists that haven't participated before.

What is a mini?

A mini is any artwork up to 12in x 12in not including frame. They can be any shape or size as long as they don't go above 12in on any one side.

What are the costs to participate?

The cost of the 25 Days of Minis is $250 for all artists who are accepted. Payment is due by June 30. You can choose to pay in full at that time or pay a deposit of $100 [due by June 30th] with the balance due Nov. 15th, 2020. We will be extending invitations to apply to artists that are members of the Have Your Best Show artist community on May 7th. Membership to the HYBS community is open to any artist that wants to create more, connect more and sell more. There is currently a 60 day free trial for artists to join and get support within the community. The cost for membership is $24.99 per month thereafter. All sales during the 25 Days of Minis belong in full to the artist. No commission or fee is collected by 25 Days of Minis of the Have Your Best Show artist community. Learn more about Have Your Best Show.

What are the accepted mediums?

Mixed Media Painting Sculpture Drawing/Pastel Printmaking