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My works are heavily influenced by architecture and nature. I believe that both nature and architecture are intertwined. I love the details and believe that’s part of the narrative in my works. I seek out subject matters that have light, color, and, texture to show the beauty of how I perceive the world.

My paintings tell the stories of my journeys through life. I will stop take a photo, and then translate what I perceive and tell it though paint. I want to take the viewer with me through my journey in life, and hope they will enjoy my story, if it be beautiful and scenic, or hard and gritty.


Michael Riley-Hill grew up in a small rural town outside of Easton PA. This is where he found his appreciation of nature. He was fascinated by architecture and buildings he would spend hours sketching and painting in his youth. Michael attended Kutztown University where he developed his talent for painting. His unique method of painting one small area of the canvas at a time was questioned, but discovered to be part of his innate talent for detailed paintings.

Michael works primarily in acrylics. and watercolors. People are often fascinated by the detail of his work. There is so much to be seen. His watercolors are rich and vibrant accounts of ordinary life, sometimes gritty, sometimes picturesque. Michael is a truly diversified artist.