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How can I become a 25 Days artist?


25 Days of Minis is for artists who are focused on two things…making their art and growing their art business.  We provide you with a platform to focus on and develop both.

Our show is successful because of the professionalism of our artists and quality of their work.

Participation is simple but not easy. Most artists describe it as a marathon.

We provide you with in depth training, coaching, and support…but it will still require you to show up and apply what you learned.

The work you do will not only help you sell art during the 25 Days shows, but will level up your art sales year round.

If this is what you’ve been looking for…click below to join the waitlist.





In 2019, we had 41 artists participate with average sales of $2,156, totaling $88,406.

In 2020, we had 45 artists participate with average sales of $3387, totaling $152,415.

In 2021, we had 54 artists participate with average sales of $3812, totaling $205,860.



Artists report spikes in website traffic and new followers. 

They sell additional (non mini art) to new and past collectors during the show. 

They sell more art throughout the year because of the relationships built during 25 Days of Minis with collectors and followers. 



How It Works

How It Works

25 Days is a Roundup of Work for Collectors to Browse.

Each day of December, a new collection drops made up of one mini from each artist in the show.

When a collector clicks purchase, they are taken to your site.

You manage the transaction.

You ship the work.

You build the relationship with the collector.

You keep 100% of the sale.

Who is 25 Days For?

Who is 25 Days For?

Our show is successful because of the professionalism of our artists and the quality of art they create. 

We are looking for artists who are...

1. Making consistent art they LOVE to make. 

2. Focused on building a solid and sustainable art business. 

3. Open to learning.

4. Willing to do the work. 

Accepted Mediums

Accepted Mediums
  • Printmaking
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • 2D & 3D Sculpture
  • Mixed Media

How do I Apply?

How do I Apply?

Applications are by invitation only and open up in early March. 

The first step for new artists is to join the wait list by clicking here.

Several times a year, we host Q&A calls, workshops, and trainings where you can learn more about being part of the show. 

If you decide you want to join us,  you'll schedule a zoom meeting with a 25 Days team member so they can review your art and get to know you.  They'll tell you more about the show and answer any questions you have. 

It's not just a show.

The 25 Days of Minis comes with an extensive learning portal, workshops, coaching calls, business strategies, and support from a whole community of likeminded artists.  






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