25 Days of Minis​


All Available Works

  • Michael Ressler

    Garden At The Bed & Breakfast

  • Ruth Odile Davis


  • Sarah Baptist

    Rhythms and Rhymes 7

  • Amy Iversen

    Lost in Thought

  • Sarah McKnight

    Phillips Circle Sunset

  • Erika Stearly

    Catherine's Home in London No. 102

  • Inna Dzhanibekova

    Peonies on Blue & Gold I

  • Sarah McKnight

    Lily Pond

  • Steve Oliver

    Softshell Turtle

  • Vidya Shyamsundar

    A Faraway Haven #2

  • Jeanne Petrosky & Dennis Guzenski

    "Incoming Renewal"

  • Meredith Wakefield

    WISH: Dandelion Delight

  • Inna Dzhanibekova

    Tea Pots and Bowls

  • Constance McBride

    Love Mask (no. 11)

  • Sandy Askey-Adams

    In the Quietness of Evening.

  • Elizabeth Breakell

    Queen Anne’s Lace

  • Constance McBride

    Starfish Bowl (no. 4)

  • Steve Oliver

    American Goldfinch

  • Steve Oliver

    Northern Cardinal

  • Lee Muslin

    Puttin' on the Ritz



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