Flowers of Taos





6" x 6"


Day 19 – Flowers of Taos

The last artist retreat I attended was in Taos, NM. Today’s painting was inspired by the gardens that surrounded the artist’s home and studio. It was a lady’s deal and guess who came with…yes, my mom. She was busy writing her book and I thought this would be a perfect place for her to continue writing while, we all painted. There were eight artists from across the country and Canada. We all had so much fun working together for an entire week.

Taos is a calming, serene place, a long-time artist colony, surrounded by the Sangre de Cristo mountains. Taos also has many art galleries and museums showcasing regional artwork.

We had dinner one evening at a place called the ‘Love Apple’. My new favorite restaurant. The Love Apple is housed in what was once known as the Placitas Chapel. This little Catholic church was built around the 1800’s and was in operation for 100 years. We were seated on the altar for our dinner. The food was amazing, farm to table fresh from local farmers in the area.

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