Luck of the Magpie

Acrylic and Gold Leaf






I was so intrigued by this bird when I saw it. He's suspiciously watching us. Leaning away and towards us at the same time with a look of curiosity mixed with caution.

I think we have all been in a situation before where we are both intrigued and wary. Something new that is inticing and fun and yet those little safety hazards in our minds warn us to take it slow. Should we join the adventure, take the leap? Or stay in our safe space?

After researching more about magpies I learned they symbolize luck and happiness in Chinese culture. Yet in Western culture they can be seen as a bad omen. I added the Chinese style clouds to the background as a reminder that fortune is often a result of perspective. Will you take the leap?

Acrylic and Gold Leaf on hardboard panel.

Coated with an archival, gloss varnish with black floater frame. Wired and ready to hang.



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