Rhythms and Rhymes 8





8 x 8


For me there's a purity of expression involved in the making of abstract art. The fact that it is so open to interpretation by the viewer is also really compelling....that two people can see completely different things in a few varied marks, I think, takes us all to our most human, basic selves. That is what keeps driving me to explore and delve into this thing called Abstract Art.

This series of Urban Abstract paintings started with many, many small gouache studies that were inspired by urban photos. Out of those I chose several I liked and used those to inspire the 8 x 8 oil paintings in this series. The process itself was very intuitive. It was about the paint, texture, design and what struck me as something that worked or coalesced. I do lean towards structure, be it a dark shape that anchors the painting, the application of texture or a scribbly drawn line.

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