Sweet Potato Vines

oil on linen panel




6"x 6"


And the finale of my "Garden Series" are these lovely sweet potato vines, which I plant every year in my front door planters. The purple vines have a wonderful pink bloom during the summer months and the contrast between the chartreuse and purple leaves is just divine. They belong to the Morning Glory family with flowing vines that are perfect for planters as the vines will generously "spill" over the edge of a container. They don't produce an edible potato, but when you dig them up at the end of the season, they do have tiny tubers that I assume can be stored inside and planted the following year. 

Each small botanical is painted on Belgian Linen, which in its natural state, is a gray-ish neutral tone. I've left some parts of the canvas unpainted so you can see the texture of the natural linen. I wanted to try and replicate in paint, the vintage flower illustration plates from botanical books. I think they would make a charming grouping!



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