Sweet Sentiments





6" x 6"


Day 21 - Sweet Sentiments

Today’s painting was inspired from a bouquet of flowers from my friends at Safeway. I am sure I mentioned in one of my past posts that the flowers are in the front of the store greeting you with a ‘pick me’ when you walk in. When we check out, Todd, always says "Oh, I bought you some beautiful flowers today." The checkers know he is quite a guy, lol.

Want to introduce you to my feathered friends that loudly gobble and wake me in the morning. Not sure if you have wild turkeys where you live, but they are interesting birds. When they fly it sounds like jet propellers, and when icy, they slide in and its hilarious. Todd loves feeding them corn, and the little deer wander over too. Todd is the Turkey Whisperer of Hulett. I’ve included an image of, ‘Pete the Peacock’, who has since passed, He would often accompany the turkeys. Pete was the boss! He would fan out his feathers, and the turks would run from him. He was a pretty bird, but annoying when he would scream. I have no idea how that bird survived our harsh winters. I put a dog bed out for him, but he was not interested. The turkey's would leave in the spring when it was hunting season, and Pete was left behind.
You can see images of Pete, the turkeys and the Whisperer.



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