Wild Sunflowers





6" x 6"


Day 17

Wild Sunflower

Today’s painting was inspired by the wild sunflowers growing along the roadside in Brighton, Colorado.  Thought it might be fun to toss in a landscape today. 

When we were kids living on the farm, my sister and I had a small business selling tomatoes, corn, and peppers from our garage.  We were saving up to buy dirt bikes to ride around the farm.  My grandpa Petrocco was our supervisor.  My mother was head of transportation.  Our grandpa decided to go fishing in Wyoming, and I had a great idea…lets let the patrons pick their own vegetables and we will just sell everything by the bushel.  WOW!  What a profitable day, and we did not have to do any work.  My sister was skeptical because the supervisor did not want anyone in the fields.  I said, “ah it’ll be ok he’ll never know.”  WELL, when he came home, he knew…there were broken tomato vines, pepper plants were destroyed, and we were in big trouble.  My sister said, 'I knew it'…lol.  Now I enjoy painting my childhood memories. 



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