pause and reflect

Acrylic on panel. Framed.




6x6 inches.


Let's stop here and sit on the rocks and breathe in the moment of our surroundings and blessings throughout a year where they could surely be overlooked for many. On a long hike, some large boulders are a welcome relief.

Today, Christmas Day is that moment we can take to reflect that we have survived the year and have technology to help unite us while apart. Maybe we've come into a deeper awareness of what is truly valuable in our lives and have slowed down enough to notice it.

Thank you for making art part of your holiday experience. I have found it to be a huge pleasure to have you respond to my work as I know the other artists here feel the same.

Wishing you all the best for now and always.

Part of our 2020 Collection. Collect them all!



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