river's edge

Acrylic on panel. Framed.




6x6 inches


Do you pack lunch when going to the river or pick it up from a restaurant on the way?

I know I can go either way. As long as it's tasty! : )

As a family we have often gone whitewater rafting on the Nantahala River in North Carolina. We like to go in August when it's still very hot but school has started here in Georgia. My family in New England starts school later so we get to enjoy the river with fewer crowds in August.

Before we check in for our gear we leave our picnic lunch at a spot where we can take out of the river for lunch. A flat grassy area is perfect for this which leads me to this painting.

Nothing beats a picnic in a secluded grassy spot right beside a rushing river. Oh, the sound and those glorious days of summer out in the fresh air! I can hear it right now. : )

Part of our 2020 Collectibles. Collect them all!

P.S. It may seem strange all this talk about picnics and water right here in December, but just remember our thoughts move us through the tough seasons. These treasures can evoke joyful memories as well as inspire plans ahead beyond the winter days. And besides, many people go out to the river's edge even when it's half-frozen! Ha! Oh, that reminds me of some of the other minis coming within the 25 days. Stay tuned!



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