6” x 6”



When I lived in Fort Collins, CO, I worked at a frame shop/art gallery. I loved my job, and enjoyed meeting and helping artists, and their collectors, frame their art.

The owner knew I loved poppies, and invited me to her home to take photographs for future paintings. She had HUGE poppies in her garden, and they were gorgeous along with the rest of her flowers. I paint the poppies from her garden all the time. They bring me joy, and they’re fun to paint.

Today’s tidbit…

I work on UArt sanded paper. It feels just like sandpaper, and comes in several different grades, based on your medium and style of painting. They make an eggshell color, and recently introduced black paper. I thought it might be fun to show you what happens with this paper. I love working on both colors, and the results are completely different....you will have to visit my website to see the images.

If you have any questions on pastels and how I work, I would love to hear from you.

See you tomorrow.



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