'A Touch of Tuscany'





6" x 6"


Day 9 - 'A Touch of Tuscany'

In 2014, my cousin Philip suggested I study art in Italy. He introduced me to his friends, owners of Il Chiostro, an American based organization in New York that hosted retreats for artists in Italy. The Dievole Winery in the Chianti region sounded like the perfect place to study. I mentioned this to my mother, and she said, “At a winery? Pack your bags, we’re going!” I painted, she cooked, and in the evening, we enjoyed the Italian cuisine from the cooking class. We drank wine and we were educated on the history of Italian Opera. If to much wine was sipped several of the participants were suddenly opera singers lol!

I was inspired by the charm of Dievole's gardens, boasting centuries-old trees, flowers and fragrant plants, by the elegant architecture of the main villa, built in the 18th century by the noble Malavolti family from Sienna.

It's a small world trivia fact: Ann Guidera-Matey, a fellow 25 Days of Minis artist, was at the same retreat, and her husband cooked with my mom. We all had a great time.



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