6" x 6"


Day 20

Today’s painting was inspired from a trip to Scanno, Italy in 2009. It was my first visit to Italy for a family reunion on my mothers’ side. Before the big hoopla began, we visited Scanno where my father’s side of the family emigrated from. He had relatives in the town. We met them and had a wonderful lunch at a local café. It was so nice to embrace the culture and take in the flavors and traditions my grandparents shared with our family.

Scanno is a beautiful town located in the Abruzzo region. We walked through the streets, visited the Catholic church, and looked at the birth records. There was a flower shop nearby that had buckets of sunflowers ahhh bella…. (means lovely).

It was a wonderful experience, and I think I need to spend time there again very soon. Don’t you think I need to paint there for a few months? Could you please write a note to my husband letting him know I need a long vacation/painting retreat lol!!

Its eggnog time…see you tomorrow.



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