'Eternal Spring'





6" x 6"


Day 4 –

'Eternal Spring'

One of the most telling signs of Springtime in the Rockies was the arrival of tulips. My grandma always had a “bumper crop.”

Here is my tulip story for the day:
When I moved deep in the heart of Texas in my late twenties, I could not wait to plant tulip bulbs in the rich Texas soil. When springtime rolled around, I noticed my neighbor’s garden, my one and only neighbor (another small town) was bursting with color. I kept wondering why my tulips did not come up. I thought maybe the deer ate them. Oddly enough one day when I was surveying the situation, lo and behold there were tulips springing up. Not a full tulip, just the tulip head. No leaves, no stems, just the tulip head sitting on top of the soil. Strangest thing I had ever seen! Lots of color, but not a speck of green. No cut tulips in my vase that year. That was my rookie year; things have improved.

Today’s trivia – Did you know that tulips are edible? During World War II tulips helped save the Netherlands from starving.



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