'It's a Beautiful Day'





6" x 6"


 Day 8 –
‘It's a Beautiful Day’
My favorite hangout is Safeway in Spearfish, S.D., roughly 45 minutes away under normal circumstances.  If I do encounter heavy traffic, well, it is not the usual traffic jam; you can see for yourself on my website.  This is the Wild West!

 Safeway in Spearfish was designed for the savvy grocery shopper.  Starbucks on one end, spirits, and flowers on the other end. 

After I pick up an iced matcha green tea latte, I stroll on over to the floral department to visit my friend, Barb, the Black Hills finest importer of flowers.  Barb knows her Sunflowers light up my life, and that I am inspired to paint the wide variety of flowers she exhibits in the floral department.  
I always come home with a fresh seasonal bouquet to keep me inspired. 

Today’s trivia: 
Spearfish, SD derived its name from Native Americans and fur traders or trappers in the early 1800’s who considered the clear and tumbling stream through the canyon a good place to spear fish.



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