'La La Posada'





6" x 6"


Day 2 - La La Posada

Today's painting is from one of my favorite places on the planet, Santa Fe, NM. My mom and I travel together a lot and La Posada is one of our favorite places to stay. The land of enchantment has such a warm artsy vibe, it is a place to unwind, relax and completely unplug from the day to day grind and of course take in as much art as you can.

My mom and I are big gamers and scrabble is game on! Our favorite spot to play is poolside, enjoying a few adult beverages and hors d'oeuvres, so much fun. The gardens are beautiful at La Posada in the summer the sun lite intensified the geraniums and the turquoise pot is part of the southwest charm. I hope you have a magical hide out.

Today's trivia....In Spanish, Las Posadas means “The Inns,” and during this festival, people form a procession which symbolically visits homes asking for shelter. People in the procession dress up, sing songs, and sometimes bring a burro or donkey along to represent the donkey which brought Mary into Jerusalem.



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