'Love You More...'





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Day 5 –
‘Love You More..’

We’re back in Texas today..We will be visiting Texas often because flowers grew so well in the humidity, and the season was long.  Plus, that is where my gardening skills were perfected lol!  Oh…and I worked for a gardening magazine in New York at the time.
We lived in a small town in New Ulm, TX population maybe 400ish in the late 90’s.  My husband Todd was the PGA King at The Falls golf course.  New Ulm was adorable with its quaint old southern homesteads, and a few family owned businesses.  Betsy was the town flower Queen; she had the best set up ever!  A little bit of acreage where she grew her flowers, a cutting shed, and a small air-conditioned building to sell her flowers out of…simply perfect.  Every Friday, she would sell bouquets of beautiful flowers from her flower farm.  It was the honor system, you left $5 in her lock box.  On Fridays, Todd would always bring me a bundle flowers.  I loved it! 
I would often head over to ‘Country Petals’ and admire all the flowers. Betsy’s zinnias were my favorite. 

No trivia today…Its Friday and time for a little Holiday Cheer:

St. Nick’s Egg Nog
1 large egg (separated)
2 teaspoons superfine sugar (divided)
1-ounce heavy cream
1/2 teaspoon almond extract (pure)
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract (pure)
1 1/2 ounces Makers Mark or your favorite
Garnish: cinnamon (grated)
Garnish: nutmeg (grated)

My version:
Gold Meadow Egg Nog, Makers Mark, and a shake of nutmeg. It’s all good!