'Mountain Glory'





6" x 6"


'Mountain Glory'

Several years ago, I met a cantankerous older woman named Armella. We were in a painting class together and she was not friendly but a great painter. A few weeks into the class we were walking out at the same time and she had her pal Baxter with her. He was a friendly golden retriever, and from that day on we became best of friends because I had a golden girl, too. She later became a great mentor to me and a very dear friend. We went on lots of art excursions together. She also made the trip to Italy with me and my family. She had the best time with us and had just turned 80 years old.

Today’s painting was inspired by a day trip Armella and I took to Winter Park, Colorado to watch a well-known oil painter give a demonstration. On our way into Winter Park, there were large clumps of poppies scattered along the mountainside. Armella said,”Pal, pull over and lets get some pictures of the poppies for you to paint”.

Today’s tidbit…
We had a lot of family traditions and Christmas Eve was probably the most memorable. My grandmother LIVED for Christmas…she had every animated Christmas gadget you could imagine, and it drove my grandpa nuts. During the night my grandma’s Santa would Ho..Ho..Ho and wake him up. HAHA!! She loved cooking for all the family. Do not worry I am not going to give you the oyster stew recipe. How about we try anise cookies. Oh…these are my favorite.

Anise Cookies

¼ c sugar
½ c butter and cream together
3 eggs
2 c flour
2 t baking powder
2 t vanilla
Add eggs to butter and sugar. Beat until smooth then add vanilla, next dry ingredients.
Refrigerate. Flour board and roll into small knots.
Bake 350 degrees 10 min. Do not grease pan

1 cap anise
1 c powdered sugar
¼ c butter
Small amount of Boiling water for consistency (1 1/2 T) – dip and use sprinkles.

There is a fantastic picture of these jewels on my webpage today so be sure to click the link.



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