'Roadhouse Blues'





6" x 6"





Day 6 –
‘Roadhouse Blues’
I’ll bet you are wondering why I titled this painting 'Roadhouse Blues'. 
We lived in two different towns when we were in Texas.  The first go around in New Ulm was not working for me.  It was to isolating, we moved to TX from the Denver metro area and it was wayyyy different.  I didn't know anyone, no big Italian family to have spaghetti with on Sundays, and my grandmothers were in panic mode because no one had ever left the nest let alone bring the grandbabies to TEXAS!  So, we moved to Brenham, TX for a few years.  Yes…home of the famous Bluebell Ice Cream.  It was a great move for us, I met my bestie Jane when we moved to Bluebonnet Hills, a neighborhood between Brenham and Chapel Hill TX, isn’t that the cutest name.  Jane and I ended up being forever friends, business partners, and a whole lot of fun was had.  We worked in her carriage house for gardening magazines.  We had more fun working together, a lot of laughing, and some dance parties to end the day.  Jane loved the ‘Doors’ Jim Morrison was her deal, hence the title. 
Jane had a beautiful yard with cone flowers, poppies, daisies, etc.  I taught her how to grow tomatoes and she taught me how to garden in TX.  Sadly, I lost my best friend in an automobile accident several years ago.  I love cone flowers, they are such happy flowers, the colors, shapes, and purple.  Great memories.  I hope you have a special friend you turn up the music and dance with!