Beyond the Comfort Zone

Walnut Oil






Dec. 13: Beyond the Comfort Zone
6” x 6”. Walnut Oil on eco-friendly gessobord
Framed in Dark Coffee ⅞” wide Float Frame
Ready to hang with wire and wall bumpers
Frame size: 8” x 8” and ⅞” deep
Free shipping (US only)

Artist Statement:
My motto, “See the Unseen” is realized thru symbolism, the language of my art. As a Magical Realist, I faithfully represent the seen exterior, thereby revealing an unseen spirit that symbolizes uplifting qualities of human nature. The titles and stories are based on the symbolism of the subject.

Symbolic Story:
Tortoise lived in a land called Comfort Zone, and was happy staying home. One day Butterfly came by asking if he wanted to play. Tortoise was afraid to come out of his shell, but said ‘Thank you kindly for the invitation’. Butterfly replied ‘Oh, but there’s so much delight you don’t want to miss. Life is short, trust me on that’. Tortoise thought about it, then agreed to go with Butterfly who lifted him to new heights, and showed him life from a different perspective. Tortoise couldn’t thank Butterfly enough. Thrilled to have found courage, he packed up and left the Comfort Zone for many joyful adventures in the Realm of the Unknown.

Item Description:
I created a wonderful collection the perfect size for gifting, whether to your favorite people or yourself. This mini is painted with water-washed walnut oil paint, and solvent-free techniques on a 6” x 6” high quality gessobord. It is signed on the back with title, copyright, size and medium. The story is included with the painting. The painting is mounted carefully inside a ⅞” wide, dark coffee float style frame. With the frame, it measures 8” x 8”, and is ⅞” deep. The frame is ready to hang with high quality wire and protective wall bumpers. The painting comes festively wrapped and carefully shipped in a sturdy mailer. All 25 Days of Minis paintings ship free anywhere in the US (only).



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