Cosmos & Coneflower (Echinacea)

oil on linen panel




6"x 6"





The genus name (Cosmos) comes from the Greek word “kosmos”, which means “harmony” or “balanced universe”. These plants originated in tropical America and have big and bright daisy-like flowers and green leaves that grow in various shapes and patterns. If you are looking for a pretty and useful flower that attracts bees, birds and butterflies then growing Cosmos is just for you!

The genus (Echinacea) name comes from the Greek word “echinos”, which means “sea urchin” or “hedgehog”, in reference to the prickly center of the flower. The common name “Coneflower” comes from the appearance of the flower head, the cone-shaped central disc. This cone is actually composed of hundreds of flowers packed together.Coneflowers are perennial herbs that are known for their healing properties. They symbolize strength and healing.
Each small work is painted on Belgian Linen, which in its natural state is a gray-ish neutral tone. I've left some parts of the canvas unpainted so you can see the texture of the natural linen. I wanted to try and replicate in paint, the vintage flower illustration plates from botanical books. I really enjoyed working in my garden this year. It was such a nice respite from the news and our increasingly difficult and unusual circumstances. My gardens were prolific with flowers and it was a pleasure to set up my little still lifes and paint. I think they make a wonderful grouping arrangement!