Hiking Trip

Mixed Media on hard board




10" x 10"


"Telling stories of day to day life through rudimentary India folk art- Warli"

Aftrenoon hiking is a fun portrayal of our family strolls through some nature trails and animal preserve in near town. Warli is a rudimentary painting style that uses a very basic graphic vocabulary: a circle, a triangle, and a square. The circle and triangle come from observation of nature; the circle representing sun and moon, the triangle derived from mountains and pointed trees. Only the square seems to obey a different logic and appears to be a human invention, indicating sacred enclosures or a piece of land. So the central motive in each ritual painting is the square.

Painting is done on 10" x 10" heavily textured hard board and characters are painted with Acrylics. The fine details are achieved with 000 brush.



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