Lisianthus Blooms

oil on linen panel




6"x 6"


This is the last in the collection of using a neutral Belgian Linen canvas.

Lisianthus is a new flower for me and I AM IN LOVE! This past year I bought a collection of small flowering plants from a local flower growing farm (The Farm at Oxford). I wasn't familiar with this plant, but oh what a surprise when it started to give off bloom in late July and early August. Such a delicate color and flower...I was immediately a fan! I think they are used frequently in bridal bouquets and I can see why.

Each small work is painted on Belgian Linen, which in its natural state, is a gray-ish neutral tone. I've left some parts of the canvas unpainted so you can see the texture of the natural linen. I wanted to try and replicate in paint, the vintage flower illustration plates from botanical books. I think they would make a charming grouping!



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