Introducing This Year's Artists...

I am sitting here on a beautiful fall afternoon writing this to you thinking, it's only October and I am sending an email talking about a Holiday art show.

How many people are going to throw their pumpkin spiced lattes at me?

I am certainly not wishing away fall. I love this time of year almost as much as the holidays.

When I opened my calendar this morning and started counting, I realized that we are only 56 days away from Dec. 1st. Fifty-six!


How is that even possible.

So, here we are talking about 25 Days of Minis...and I am so excited to share some details with you.

This year, we have 45 artists participating — 17 for the very first time! The artists have been in the studio creating their new collections like crazy...and also focused on updating their websites to make sure you have the best possible experience shopping with them this season.

Our artists span the country and Canada, and have a whole range of styles, mediums, and subject heading your way.

So, without further ado...I introduce you to this years 25 Days of Minis artist lineup!

You can see the participants below, and click on the link to learn more about them on the website.


Teresa & the 25 Days Team

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